Find the right talent, get the job done

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Connecting businesses and outside sales people in ways never seen before.

Hiring an outside sales person to work remotely has never been feasible because of the inability to verify the work actually being done. SalesCloser changes that.

Hire and be hired, all at the click of a button. It’s never been easier to scale your sales teams globally with nearly zero infrastructure spend.


Find Your Job

Find and apply to your ideal organization through the On Demand Outside Sales Marketplace.

Easily Negotiate Contracts

Highlight your previous performance statistics to easily negotiate for the contract you deserve.


Virtual Offices

Want to open an office in New York? Or anywhere for that matter? 

Doing so represents a lot of risk, and that means money.

SalesCloser eliminates almost all of this risk by allowing you hire people globally, and manage them as well as their best local sales manager ever could. 

SalesCloser keeps you constantly connected and available to help in ways never seen before.

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