Selling used to be a lonely profession 


Sell As A Team

Being on the road, in the field, in the trenches can feel like a war. SalesCloser is like being able to call in an airstrike when you need it most.

With the click of the Help button, your company’s top sales people will videoconference into your sales presentation and get the deal closed.

World Class Presentation Platform

SalesCloser's platform is designed to help you present better than ever before using the same tools you're accustomed to but with our dynamic presentation delivery system.

It delivers the PDF, Powerpoints, documents and videos that  you're used to using, but in customizable sequences that lets you move from one to the next seamlessly


Become A Master In Days

Traditionally, learning a new sales pitch can take 30-90 days.

With SalesCloser that learning curve can be cut to days or even hours because you no longer have to memorize what to say next-you just flip to the next slide, video, or step in the built-in sales process.

Increase Your Close Rate

SalesCloser does all of the tracking, so you’ll you don’t need to spend hours at the end of each day filling out paperwork and tedious calculations for reporting to management.


Track Your Stats

You think you’re the best, but are you really? Now you’ll know.

How long does it take you to close a customer?  What part of the sales process is slowing you down?  You’ll finally know so that you can improve.

SalesCloser tracks all your performance statistics for easy comparison.

Monitor progress towards incentives, and see how you rank against other salespeople worldwide.

Increased Income

Better presentations + Better support + Better metrics + Better contests + Presentations + A platform will blow your customers minds = Increased income.

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