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Your best salespeople are now centralized in the Hub

Salesperson Accountability

SalesCloser allows your business to track every move of your outside salespeople so you know who’s doing what, and for how long.

Reward high performers and remove outside sales people who aren’t reaching targets, all while increasing your sales team motivation and standards.


Easy to Hire

Your business can easily hire the top sales people around the world with a click of a button or the tap of a finger.

With SalesCloser’s verifiable sales metrics, your business can be confident in hiring the right talent who has the objective statistics to back them up.

Because SalesCloser tracks the statistics of every sales agent, your organization can see the previous success (or failure) metrics of a potential new hire before you schedule an interview or test them in the field.

Presentation Designer

With SalesCloser, you can build your Sales Process into slides.

You can track how your salespeople move through different stages in their pitch by determining specific slides as “Sales Triggers”.

Need help creating PDF and PowerPoints for your sales process?  Our Marketplace helps you to connect with designers to get the job done.



Need to scale your sales team to capture new markets locally or globally? Don’t have the capital to setup a satellite sales office overseas?

No need to worry. SalesCloser is like your mobile office whether on a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Sales managers can now oversee ten times the number of salespeople as before as SalesCloser automates most of their workload.

Consulting Services

Have you got a great product but need to step up your sales approach?

By examining your current sales process and materials, our talented in-house experts will help you to create winning sales presentations for use in your SalesCloser platform.

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