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Real-Time Sales Activity Tracking

Every lead in the sales lifecycle is at your fingertips, literally.

Easily track and manage every lead your outside sales person comes in contact with.

SalesCloser lets you know the exact status of the lead, from qualified, approached, discovered, pending, or closed – in real-time.

Presentation creator

Present properly, every time

The ability to create and follow a specific sales process is critical in scaling your sales team in your city or around the world.

With SalesCloser, management teams can upload and provide entire sales teams with the proper presentations for the proper channels.

Drag and drop forms, videos, and PDF’s to create a custom presentation for every salesperson to master at their fingertips.

Create the exact presentations your organization wants every outside salesperson to memorize and master.

Track every single action completed in the sales presentation to fine-tune and optimize your process.


Daily Salesperson Activity Report

Leave no lead behind

The 80/ 20 Rule is an axiom that says, the top 20% of your salespeople are responsible for 80% of your success.

They are the most motivated, driven and focused. The ones who follow the script, know the process inside out, and work their butts off.

The transparency of SalesCloser’s platform makes it easy for you to get everyone performing like this top 20% and it takes those people to an even higher elevation.

Knowledge is power.

Territory tracking

Total transparency for what your sales team is doing on the job

Through geo-location technology, you don’t just see where your sales people are, you see what they’ve accomplished at every stop during their day.

With SaleCloser, you’ll find a robust set of metrics that break down each individual sales presentation, as you’ve never seen it before, allowing you to better understand their daily routines, verify client check-in’s and help to find efficiencies in your sales force.



Need to ask an expert?

No more “I’ll get back to you about that”. With a touch of button, your sales team can gain access to an expert within your organization right within the application.

Answer any questions your lead may have, and help close the sale with built in Google Hangouts integration no Wi-Fi necessary. No extra fees


Manage contracts easily through your device

At the point of sale, close your sales with an e-signature, or send them a contract after the fact. Simple.



Accepting payments is part of the sales process

Your sales teams can accept payments for products or services, and close the deal right away with SalesCloser.

No need for a follow-up payment request, every close should come with a transaction.

activity updates

Your sales social feed

Allow teams to sync and take action through a built-in social feed.

Need to motivate or incentivize your teams? Want to connect with your colleagues and gain bragging rights on your results?

This is the place to connect.


weather & time

Plan and prepare for the elements

Nothing like hitting the street in the rain, without being prepared.

Real-time weather updates and international clock features to better organize and understand your global outside sales team.


Need a reminder for that?

Your salespeople will never miss an important deadline or deliverable again.

The easy to use to-do list feature helps organize your salespeople while in the field.


calendar & Scheduling

Schedule away...

The Calendar function in SalesCloser lets salespeople set times for meetings and invite and notify team members of important events.

Never miss an important introduction, follow-up, or event again.

cRM integration

Have an existing platform? No problem!

With SalesCloser we have an API if integrations with your existing CRM is of interest, otherwise your data is exportable.

Set it up once and it will work harmoniously, to keep all your customer information right where it needs to be for your internal teams.


Additional Features – Coming Soon!

Commission Tracking

Track the commissions every salesperson earns and understand who the top, and lowest performers are. SalesCloser allows you to reward your top salespeople and motive those trailing the pack through contest creation or gamification.

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