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Mastering the Art of Selling takes a lot of character. So much, in fact, that the "Superstar Salesperson", can be as precious as gold to an organization. The lives of these top salespeople have often been ones where they are out in the treches, visiting clients and closing the big deals.The power in the direct sales world has always been at the wheel.

We decided to change things.

We saw a different world order: one where the best salespeople were centralized in the Hub. Instead of touching 1 or 3 sales in a day, they could be actually inside 20 to 40 per day. Where less experienced salespeople weren't left to fend for themselves and become another "high-turnover" fatality. Where they could learn by watching the top salespeople help close their deals for them, again and again, until they could do it themselves. Where salespeople would actually want to be monitored, because they realized it was one double or triple their sales. Everyone is willing to trade a little freedom for a lot of security.

SalesCloser came in a moment of insight, in the middle of a dream. A single solution that answered every major problem of today's overwhelmed sales manager. Metrics that showed the truth and let you do something about it in real-time.

With the addition of our marketplace, we're the first to invent On-Demand Direct Sales. What's that? Something that has never existed until SalesCloser, because it simply wasn't possible: Hire an entire sales team on the other side of the planet in the morning and have them delivering professional, in-person, presentations to clients by lunch time. What would take weeks or months, SalesCloser can help you accomplish in a day.

We're turning the Art of Selling into the Science into the Science of Selling, so that everyone in your sales organization can become the Superstar Salesperson.

SalesCloser makes selling simple.



Michael Jarmana


MJ began a sales career in the deregulated telecom sector in Canada, and distinguished himself by immediately breaking the national sales record his first week. He became a star performer who routinely redefined what is possible from a sales perspective. In fact, many of his records still stand today.


MJ's vision is to make selling so simple that anyone who wants to be successful finally can. He wants to turn the "Art of Selling" into the "Science of Selling" and lower barrier of entry for millions of people around the world who always dreamed of success in the lucrative sales world.


MJ was one of the team that helped start Stream Energy in Texas, one of the fast growing start ups in US history. In its first three years sales grew to over $800 million annually. Currently, Stream Energy has the world's 14th largest sales force with over 220,000 salespeople.

MJ created a business model for GDF Suez that had previously never existed; turning a multi-step sales process into a single visit close. In a market in which most consumers were locking into 1 or 2 year contracts, MJ’s system resulted in over 90% of customers signing into 5 year agreements. The value of the contracts his firm sold in just 2 years exceeded $400M.

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